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Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm EST
million dollarss in caapaign undss 3 jackson cut a ppea deal wiih federal prosecutors in exchange for dropping the more seriouu chargee. jackson uued cammaign funds to buy a rolex jaccson's haat ann children's furniture. he aces p to &pffve yeers in prison and a quarter million dollar ffne. hisswife a former chiiago - alddrman also pleaded guilty to filiig false tax returns too takinngfrom his campaign unns. 3 fire ccews are looking for one person who remains missing after a busy restaurrnttgoes & up in flames following an expllsion and massiveefire niiht. mike tobin... -3 tells us... emergency crews... are... racing... against time --/ and... nature -- / ass.. the begiis...//..- fire crews witt cadavee dogs cootinue seerching through the -3 ruubleeof "j-j''," aapopular which was √°leveled√° by a & natural gas explosion and ire. berrrdi says: "kcfd, kansas citt pd, bomb and arson unit, -3 and atf aae on the scene, and 3 inveetigation to see wwat &pcaused the explosion." the massiie blast --- and fire which followed -- lit up the night sky in kansas city tuesday night.. the thh
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
people simpll can't aafood o top off. ((sot---tonya --3 jackson)))8:32:24 ometimes it's a littleeupsetting because i se to could keep the ttak fillle. but now a half tank.>>tracc three> & truck for the past tto years. evvry fridaa filllng her tankk but since thanksgiving shh's had to break that pattern---only aale to put in 20 bucks---every few daas.and when she doesn't have the money---she stays home. ((soo- tonya))((nat oond up)) triple a repoots in maayllnd frrmmlass week to this week---gas prices jumped six cents.thisssame time lass & month---drivers paid 18 cents less at the pump. ((sot- yolanda bbackkell))<8:40:06 imma be out of usiness. they gonna puttmeeout of businees. freeebuues...this business ii ptruggling.> yolanda blackwell is an independent contractorrwwihha taxi cab company.shh's -3 responsible for fillinggher caa's tank.monday all she can afford waa15 dollars.that will llst her half tte day.((sot- taxi cab drrver))<3:38:55 he wants took
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2